Floor Systems

Type Combi A

Combi AThe flexibility of the hollow floor type Combi fulfills special requirements of the user as:




  • a lot of space under the floor for installation
  • flexible construction height, on demand even more than 200 mm
  • quick and steady dry out due to even screed layer
  • due to the substructure adjustable to height further screed layers are not necessary
  • you can walk on the substructure even before supporting screed is applied, no hindrance of the construction schedule
  • even complicated ground plans (e.g. rotunda) allow use of this type without loosing installation space
  • installation of underfloor heating is possible

MERO┬┤s Combi A Type consists of galvanised, height-adjustable steel pedestals, which are installed at a distance of 600x600 mm. A formwork panel made of a non-combustible material of the Building Material Class A is mounted on top of this support construction. Once a separating layer has been laid out, a self-levelling calcium sulphate float finish is applied.