Floor Systems

NiedrigbodenThe usual low access floor systems on the market are suitable for minimum construction heights allowing a maximum space utilisation. However,  they have the disadvantage that the subfloor area must be exactly levelled. Furthermore, the installation of electrical supply and waste lines is difficult due to the narrow pedestal module.



  • floor heights from 40 mm finished floor height are possible
  • floor panels approx. 17 mm
  • no levelling of the subfloor necessary, levelling is done by adjustable pedestals
  • module of 600 x 600 mm enables installation of electrical supply and waste lines without any problem

We also set a new standard regarding load bearing capacity. 2000 N concentrated load required for office areas according to the European access floor standard are no problem. Test reports are in preparation.

This floor type also has better sound and fire protection values than other systems.

Technical Data