Floor Systems

In the sixties when the computer technology accompanied by the necessary building services entered office- and administration buildings  the need of “elevated floors” - the so-called double floors - was created. Especially for computer centers and cable spreading rooms MERO developed special constructions which allowed to carry high loads and the installation of plenty power supply lines at the same time.

1 Schwerlast_800In the last few years the development in the field of “floors with high load bearing capacity” progressed rapidly. In the beginning the maximum point loads were 5.000 N to 7.000 N. Today system floors can carry point loads of more than 20.000 N.  Beside the application in the field of data processing and building services, the “elevated floor” is more and more used in many other fields like research and test laboratories or clean rooms.

Further typical fields of application are

  • Print shops
  • Libraries
  • Motor and chassis dynamometers
  • Public areas with vehicle and passenger traffic like airports, shopping centers etc.

2 RTEmagicC schwerlastboden 03.jpg

One example for the capability of a MERO floor is the project of Dräger Company, Lübeck where a floor of 1.200 mm height carries fork lift traffic with axle loadings of 2.300 kg.

For the safe use of floors with high load bearing capacities the observance of  the instructions for planning and installation is absolutely necessary.


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