Construction Systems

  • Location: Senftenberg, Germany
  • Architect: Heinle, Wischer und Partner Berlin
  • Completion: 1998
  • Cladding: Savings bank Senftenberg, Germany         
  • Scope of work: Roof glazing with sub-structure
  • Cladding: Point fixed insulating glass
  • Type of struture: Girder and spanned fins

1 senftenbergThe Savings Bank in Senftenberg required an even, flat inclined roof. Over the rectangular ground view the girders span over at distances of 3,75 m. In order to receive a maximum transparency for the roof glazing the glass fins instead of conventional steel purlins and/or aluminium staves will be used.

2 senftenberg

The glass fins consist of an ensemble of three panes (10 mm TVG, 15 mm ESG, 10 mm TVG), which are connected with 2,28 mm PVB-foil. The glass fins were designed in such a way that even with the break of two panes the maximal live load will be carried from the residual third pane. The fins are connected with main girder over the stainless steel shackle.