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MERO-SCHMIDLIN (UK) PLC's appetite for providing complex and unusual structures has In recent years led MERO-SCHMIDLIN been applying it's vast knowledge and experience of structure, glazing and cladding to an increase in demand for tower structures. From cladding an existing structure to providing a full package including structure, cladding, viewing platforms, lifts and stairwells, MERO-SCHMIDLIN can produce the visually stunning tower you demand, on budget and on time.

Recent Tower Projects:

'The Torch' Advertising Tower, London, UK
Aluminium Shingle cladding to 30m high advertising tower
Architect: JC Decaux

Completion: 2006

"The Torch" Advertising Tower, London, UK

Farnborough Air Traffic Control Tower, UK
Glazing and Aluminium Shingle rainscreen to tower, aluminium shingle cloak to base building
Architect:Geoffrey Reid Associates

Completion: 2002

Farnborough Air Traffic Control Tower, UK

The Glasgow Science Centre, Glasgow, UK
Structure and cladding to the four buildings at the Glasgow Science Centre
Architect:Building Design Partnership

Completion: 2001

Glasgow Science Centre, UK

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