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kings cross goods yard

kings cross goods yard london

kings cross eastern  goods yard

kings cross

kings cross goods yard

kings cross london

kings cross goods yard london

kings cross goods yard MERO Schmidlin



"MERO-SCHMIDLIN (UK) PLC provided a seamless service over several phases of the Granary Building project, including the last phase of the Eastern Goods Yard Arches. Their collaborative working methods and proactive approach to both design and installation allowed us to overcome a number of complex technical challenges, including working within a historic building fabric"
Richard Wardle, Project Architect, Stanton Williams Architects

Kings Cross is a large development within central London, which lies just behind Kings Cross station. The Eastern Goods Yard project provides a new campus for Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design, along with retail areas, leisure facilities and offices and public spaces. The main central elements of the Kings Cross site are a grade 2 listed Granary building and the Eastern and Western transit sheds. As part of this sizeable development MERO-SCHMIDLIN have provided the majority of the main glazed elements and accompanying architectural steelwork. Being involved early on in the project MERO-SCHMIDLIN was tasked with developing workable details from architectural sketches expressing the design intent. The whole process involved a significant amount of value engineering.

The Granary building, built in 1852 by Lewis Cubitt, was used during the 1900’s as a hub to transport commodities and grain around London. The building now contains the universities library and reception. As part of the sensitive redevelopment of this listed building MERO-SCHMIDLIN designed and installed a glazed rooflight and lightwell running up through the heart of the building, along with a set of slot windows to the south façade and a series of glazed screens and doors to the ground floor.

The main challenge Kings Cross presented was the variety and number of glazing packages. With 10 packages in total and each package consisting of numerous different elements, the volume of design work and coordination required by MERO-SCHMIDLIN was considerable. A number of different glazing and cladding systems were used through out the project, demonstrating MERO-SCHMIDLIN’s versatility of design. With the university taking occupation in September 2011 the project has been a great success and has provided a functional and stunning new campus, with MERO-SCHMIDLIN playing a large part in that success.

Passing through the Granary building leads to the east, west link. This open space links the Eastern and Western transit sheds and creates a large open space 20m in height. MERO-SCHMIDLIN provided point fixed glazing to the facades at each end of this link and a strip of point fixed roof glazing running the full length. Also within the link, opposite the Granary building, are a series of glass and steel clad facades from the ground floor up to the 3rd. The glazed façade uses a gasket system directly on standard steel sections, while the cladding panels use a hook on system with no visible fixings designed by MERO-SCHMIDLIN specifically for this project. Both these methods of glazing and cladding were used through out the project in a number of packages. Passing through the link leads into a main central area 80m in length and 20m in height, creating a large open area between the two transit sheds called the Streets. Using the same glass and steel cladding system as the link, MERO-SCHMIDLIN has installed sets of ribbon windows and full height glazing running almost the full length of the Streets at a number of different levels.

At the northern end of the main central link the structure cantilevers out and is clad along the end with the Pilkington Profilit system, which uses interlocking glass channels to form a continuous glazed façade. This system was used to form a number of facades throughout the site. At the far end of the Eastern transit shed are two glazed arches and a vertical window spanning two floors. The steelwork for the arches was designed to fit existing openings originally used as entrances for goods trains. The arches are formed from a series of curved RSA frames with curved sheet steel forming outer linings. A further twelve arched openings running down the outside of the Eastern transit shed were also cleverly filled with architectural steelwork and glass.



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_ _
Project Title:
Kings Cross, Eastern Goods Yard, London
_ Scope of Works: Package 1: 9nr Profilit cast glass screens and accompanying steelwork
Package 2: Point fixed glazing with accompanying bracketry to the facades at each end of the link, and a strip of glazing running the full length.
Packages 3 & 4: 15nr strips of ribbon windows. 15nr glazed screens. Metal hook on panels located throughout.
Package 5: 14nr glazed screens. 2nr metal clad facades. 2nr sliding door screens.
Package 7: 5nr vertical fire screens and accompanying fire door.
Package 8: 12nr ribbon windows. 2nr rooflights. 2nr triangular windows.
Package 9: 2nr glazed arched and 1nr strip window to gable end. Glazed and metal clad screen with doorways to studio. 1nr vertical glazed and metal clad strip window. 1nr glazed screen spanning three floors. 1nr strip of metal cladding at high level.
Package 10: 6nr small glazed arched openings with doorway. 6nr large glazed arched openings. 1nr metal clad doorway.
Package 14: Lightwell, rooflight and table to the centre of the Granary building. 4nr glazed screens to the ground floor public entrance, including 4nr sliding door screens. 20nr slot windows including 2nr metal sliding doors and 2nr glass. 4nr metal clad doorways. 1nr glazed and metal clad screen with sliding and folding door.
Doors: 48nr doors provided as part of various elements which formed our contract.

_ Cladding Details:

Point fixed glazing to package 2. Glazed in stick frame system used throughout. Bespoke steel framed glazing to package 14 lightwell. Profilit cast glass channels to package 1. Toggle fixed structural glazing to package 14 slot windows. Structurally bonded glazed in panels to package 5 & 14 sliding door screens. Bespoke hook on metal cladding with hidden fixings throughout.

_ Steelwork Details: Various standard steel sections and plate forming architectural steelwork to most elements.
_ Year of Completion: 2011
_ Contract Value: £9m
_ Client: Argent (Kings Cross) Ltd
_ Architect: Stanton Williams Architects

Weedon Partnership Architects (Granary building)

_ Construction Manager: BAM Construction Ltd
_ Image Accreditation: Image 1: Hufton + Crow Photography
Images 2 – 8: John Sturrock Photography


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