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MERO-SCHMIDLIN (UK) PLC are one of the world's leading designers and suppliers of bespoke building envelopes for high profile buildings. Specialising in the design, manufacture and installation of structure and cladding for roofs, facades, curtain walls, rainscreens, canopies, towers and atria, in a wide range of materials, most predeominately steel and glass, MERO-SCHMIDLIN (UK) PLC. are responsible for the construction of many of the UK's recent landmark buildings.

MERO - The Glasgow Science Centre, The Eden Project, The Deep, The Scottish Parliament

By working closely with architects, engineers and clients right from concept stage, we are able to offer our experience and skills to help guide the project to the best solution, both visually and economically. Specialising in complex geometry, we use state of the art 3D design and manufacturing processes to produce the stunning structure and cladding that defines the building and sets it apart from the rest.

Structure and Cladding from Concept to Installation

As the original inventors of spaceframe technology, MERO-SCHMIDLIN are constantly developing our system solutions. We are able to offer a multitude of spaceframe systems for creating long span structures with minimal support, as well as offering fully bespoke non-system steel, aluminium and timber structures and cladding. We are experts in providing minimal structure to maximise the light transmission and enhance the visual appearance of a building, by small section steel members, glass fins and cable and tension rods. Large spanning roofs of over 100m are possible using our spaceframe systems, whilst we can also offer more architectural single layer solutions for smaller spans right down to two or three metres. Big or small, we have a solution that's ideally matched to your requirement.

MERO offers a wide range of structural solutions, from system spaceframes to bespoke steel, aluminium and timber structures

We also offer a huge range of cladding options that we can design and install either directly onto our primary or secondary structure, or as a cladding only package onto an existing structure. Whether using proprietary gasket systems, point / bolt fixings, clamping systems, rainscreens or shingles, we can clad our structures with whichever material you require, including glass, aluminium, titanium, copper, fabric, ETFE or stainless steel. We can also incorporate smoke and natural air vents, plant louvers, automatic and manual doors, access and mansafe systems, and cleaning and maintenance equipment, all as part of an fully integrated solution.

MERO offers a huge range of cladding options, including glass, aluminium, timber, titanium, copper, ETFE and fabric

As part of our 'complete package' approach, MERO-SCHMIDLIN handles all aspects of the contract from concept visuals and animations, structural design and drawings, through to project management, fabrication, site management and installation. Through our ability to provide all aspects of a building's envelope, from primary and secondary structure, roofs, atria, facades and canopies, we can vastly reduce the problems and costs of on-site interface issues, as we will take full responsibility for these between our adjacent work packages and areas


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