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External View

Internal View on Wintergarden Roof

External View on Wintergarden Roof

External View on Kitchen Canopy Roof Extension

External View

Wintergarden on Private House, UK

"The fears from the UK manufacturers included a sagging roof, due to lack of internal support, and wholesale water ingress were completely unfounded. Of course with any bespoke project there are bound to be complications and this project had its fair share along its course but the ‘can-do’ attitude of the whole MERO team enabled a very exacting client to be completely happy with his project and it certainly meets the ‘Significant Architectural Interest’ remit."
Aaron Terry, Director - Roberts Limbrick Architects

MERO-SCHMIDLIN has recently completed a stunning high performance wintergarden enclosure that forms the main focal point for this new build private mansion in Gloucestershire.

Serving as a unique and beautiful multi-use space, the wintergarden links the main house to the indoor pool, bowling alley and garage, and features a toroidal roof and undulating façade. Interfacing on two sides with a hill and the curved walls of the house, MERO-SCHMIDLIN drew on their vast experience of complex geometrical structures to deliver this stunning enclosure.

The single layer roof and façade structure is constructed throughout from 150x100 RHS steel sections which span over 25m at their longest point. With a maximum height of over 9.7m, three storeys of the main house face into the huge atrium space to one end of the wintergarden to give stunning views over the garden inside.

To help the wintergarden remain at a constant temperature throughout the year, ultra-high performance triple glazed units are used throughout, giving a U value of just 0.6 W/m²K. All of the glass units fix directly to the primary structure via a Raico glazing gasket system, using hidden toggle fixings into rebates in the glass units, and flush silicone joints.

As part of the high specification, electronically controlled louvre blinds are integrated into the 8.5m high triple glazed façade, including the doors, giving complete privacy or shading at the touch of a button. To the kitchen area, the façade dips inwards in a concave sweep whilst the glazed roof continues through and cantilevers out to provide a sheltered external area.

MERO-SCHMIDLIN has delivered a breathtaking wintergarden to the client that truly compliments this stunning mansion development, whilst providing a soft, organic, transition between the natural landscaping of the underground recreation wing, and the bold architectural features of the main house.

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Project Title:
Wintergarden on Private House, Gloucestershire
_ Scope of Works: 46m x 22m (max) toroidal glazed roof and façade to wintergarden including four sets of doors, integral canopy extension to kitchen area, integrated electronic façade blinds and automatic roof vents
_ Cladding Details:

Roof Glazing - 498m² triple glazed units comprising: 10mm clear heat soak treated tempered float glass outer pane, 16mm air filled outer cavity, 8mm clear heat soak tested tempered float glass middle pane, 16mm krypton gas filled inner cavity, 8mm clear heat strengthened float glass + 1.52mm clear pvb interlayer + 8mm clear heat strengthened float glass inner laminated pane.
Façade Glazing - 190m² triple glazed units comprising: 10mm clear heat soak tested tempered float glass outer pane, 32mm air filled outer cavity including silver DLS Ecklite louver electric blind, 6mm clear heat soak tested tempered float glass middle pane, 10mm krypton gas filled inner cavity, 8mm clear float glass inner pane. Frit pattern to selected panels & areas. Insulated aluminium panels and flashings.

_ Steelwork Details: 453 members, total 995m, approx 23tonnes:
All columns 150x100x10 RHS
All roof and transom members 150x100x6 RHS
All hollow sections grade S355 J2H, all other sections and fittings grade S275.
_ Year of Completion: 2006
_ Contract Duration: 11 months
_ Client: Confidential upon client's request
_ Architect: Roberts and Gardner
_ Main Contractor: Confidential upon client's request
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