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Glazed Roof over Cafe - Aerial View

Roof level rooflight - external view

Glazed rooflight over cafe - external view

MERO Raised Access Floor

The Louise T Blouin Institute, London, UK

The refurbishment of a 19th century coach-works into one of the UK’s largest privately funded, not for profit, cultural spaces for the Louise T Blouin Foundation, has resulted in a magnificent naturally lit open plan building suitable for hosting a wide range of artistic displays.

MERO-SCHMIDLIN was chosen to deliver the two elegant rooflights, and later secured the additional contract for the raised access floor. Above the ground floor café, a 30m monopitch rooflight was installed with the trailing edge following the line of the curving café wall beneath. Tee section mullions spanning up to 3.7m were spaced at 1.9m, with angle transoms between. A minimalist pin joint connection was developed to connect the mullion and transom steelwork together at the wall end, and a welded post detail developed at the lower end. With restricted site access preventing large assemblies being craned in, the design enabled erection of the rooflight with no on site welding.

A second 33m long rooflight of similar design was installed to the roof of the building over the gallery & exhibition space below. Designed as a monopitch glazed roof raised above a duopitch aluminium roof surround, the roof was bolted down to two huge roof trusses supporting the floors beneath, themselves subject to over 50mm of deflection. MERO-SCHMIDLIN’s vast experience of complex installations enabled the high tolerance rooflight to be installed onto the demanding structural support arrangement with the minimum of fuss.

MERO-SCHMIDLIN also provided the 1200m˛ high specification raised access floor to the entire building, with a 10mm thick reconstituted granite tile bonded to the calcium sulphate floor panels. MERO-SCHMIDLIN has delivered two impressive rooflights to the institute that draw natural light into the open plan floors, whilst their visual simplicity enhances the minimalist exhibition space, allowing visitors to fully appreciate the exhibits within.

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Project Title:
The Louise T Blouin Institute
No.3 Olaf Street, London
_ Scope of Works: 33 x 5m Roof level glazed rooflight
30 x 3.8m Café glazed rooflight
1200m˛ Raised Access Floor
_ Cladding Details:

76m˛ Double Glazed Units to main rooflight comprising 10mm toughened float outer with Ipasol 50/25 performance coating, 16mm air gap, 16.8mm matt white laminated inner pane. 91m˛ Double Glazed Units to café rooflight comprising 10mm toughened low iron outer with Ipasol 73/39 performance coating, 16mm air gap, 16.8mm low iron clear laminated inner pane. Approx 50m˛ 3mm thick grade 1050A Aluminium flashings with 18mm WBP plywood backingGlazing units vary between 216 and 407kg each.Approx 130m˛ 3mm thick grade 1050A Aluminium cladding panels with 18mm WBP plywood backing.1,200m˛ MERO-TSK Raised Access Floor with 10mm reconstituted granite tiles bonded to calcium sulphate panels

_ Steelwork Details: 7.5 tonnes steelwork comprising 120x60mm Raico Tee sections and 200x100x10 Angle sections
_ Year of Completion: 2006
_ Contract Duration: 8 months
_ Client: Louise T Blouin Foundation
_ Architect: Borgos Dance Architects
_ Main Contractor: Delcon Construction Ltd.
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