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_MERO-SCHMIDLIN project features in Sherlock BBC drama series.

bbc 1 sherlock winter gardens

When it came to building the ‘Winter Gardens’ for a private client it was far from ‘elementary’ so viewers to the BBC detective series on Sunday evening were able to see the rather complex and very futuristic Charfield House conservatory stand in as ‘Appledore’ on the small screen in the 3rd episode of ‘The Great Game’

bbc sherlock final episode

Sherlock & Watson were in the hands of yet another arch villain (Charles Augustus Magnusson) and the scenes shot both inside and outside the building showed what a fantastic achievement it was for the Mero team and Roberts Limbrick Architects to construct the completely bespoke structure. I rather suspect the client didn’t quite envisage MOD helicopters with armed personnel landing on his lawn whilst Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman sat inside, when he first planned the Winter Garden project.

winter gardens glass roof

For more information on the project click here to download the 4 Page pdf Case Study

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