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_MERO-SCHMIDLIN do the double in British Construction Industry Awards 2013 shortlist.

MERO-SCHMIDLIN were delighted to find two projects chosen in this year's shortlist where their design input and products have made a significant contribution.

Coventry University Engineering & Computing Faculty (3m to 50m category)

Coventry University

This building will go on to win many awards as the Arups Associates design is certainly eye catching, to say the least. MERO-SCHMIDLIN (UK) PLC worked with the architects in designing the Anodised Aluminium Facade, the glass link as well as the grass roofed adjoining building. Whilst assisting in design is one concept manufacturing and fitting the materials was indeed another challenge. The MERO-SCHMIDLIN team took it all in their stride with the timber frame, aluminium and glass facade plus the Mero Raised Access Flooring division also made a very substantial contribution.

Coventry University County Hall project at Trowbridge

"Mero-Schmidlin UK have helped greatly to achieve a project that is both dynamic and apparently effortless, this is a hallmark of good design and coordination" Sean Macintosh, Arup Associates

Coventry University

The MERO Combi T Hollow Floor System was used in the cafe and reception area, which included a wet system underfloor heating system. The very versatile Mero Combi T System was also used to form very impressive tiered seating areas within the University faculty's two auditoriums.

Coventry University

It is however the Bespoke Facade which provides the 'WOW' factor. The finished project bears testament to the unique design capability that the MERO tem are able to call on in both the UK and within Switzerland & Germany. Their ability to design completely bespoke structures on a design consultancy only basis but also to offer the complete Design-Manufacture-Install package must make them unique within the UK. Architects are calling upon MERO-SCHMIDLIN as, unlike other manufacturers, they are very keen to take on smaller completely bespoke envelope structures in almost any material from stone cladding, to rainscreen or fully glazed. Their versatility can be seen by recent projects at BBC Broadcasting House with their very contemporary glass and stone facade or many of the other projects on the Mero-Schmidlin website Case Study pages.

coventry university



Park House, Oxford Street.

Coventry University

MERO-SCHMIDLIN's Combi T Raised Access Flooring System was also used within the Robin Partington Architects designed building

Coventry University

The MERO-SCHMIDLIN Raised Access Flooring design team worked alongside the installers Szerelmey Ltd to create a variety of floor areas within the main reception, lift lobbies and stairs within the largest building project to be constructed in the area for over 40 years.

With their extensive design capability both in the UK and mainland Europe these two projects are superb examples of MERO-SCMIDLIN's versatility and their Can-Do attitude in tackling complex architecturally challenging projects that require not only bespoke products but also a bespoke mind set. From facades to floors the design teams can offer a range of innovative solutions using sustainable products to help achieve the maximum BREEAM rating without compromising the architects vision or aspiration.


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