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News Release - Change of Company Name


MERO (UK) PLC has changed its name to MERO-SCHMIDLIN (UK) PLC to reflect its new role as the sole UK and Ireland supplier of MERO and SCHMIDLIN products and services for the construction industry. The move follows the acquisition of Swiss based SCHMIDLIN by the owners of MERO.

David Barrow, Managing Director of the new company, said "There's been a lot of uncertainty in the market recently over the future of SCHMIDLIN and we felt it was important to change our name to reflect the new company structure. We're very pleased to now be representing two great names in building construction worldwide - and we're already beginning to build on that wonderful heritage."

The new company is based in Camberley, Surrey, but will also have a presence in the City of London where several construction projects using SCHMIDLIN expertise are underway or imminent.

Rainer Baisch, Commercial Director of SCHMIDLIN-TSK AG in Aesch, Switzerland, explained: "We're delighted that we've been able to utilise the talents and expertise of the people in Aesch together with the MERO (UK) PLC organisation and move quickly to satisfy the demand from clients for the best unitised curtain wall and aluminium cladding techniques and product available anywhere in the world."

David Barrow added: "MERO (UK) PLC was able to offer clients the best steel and glass building solutions - for example, The Eden Project, the Scottish Parliament and the recent award winning Farnborough Airport Terminal. Now as MERO-SCHMIDLIN (UK) PLC we can offer the best in unitised curtain wall and aluminium cladding technology as well. We can offer the right building envelope solutions whatever the challenge."
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